Thursday, May 26, 2005


she caught me from the corner of her eye
running along side the running board
a wobbly motion up to the board
my other leg left dangling
half-planting canvas holes
on a morning roadbed

lush rows of mangos, oranges, olives
ears of corn, yellow aspen, norway pine
disjointed continents inching in
a magnetic pool of long lost fields
dormant dreams
an envelope of the living
nearly touching the asphalt abscess
underground gridwork
concrete network

a late summer rain steams an open field of clover
cutting the tail of a southeast sunrise
i find no reason
not to complete the leap
sundrops rinsing soot and road dust
inside a deep sweet breath washes me thorough
hesitantly springing forward
a wet oily muscle unravels
a hand reaches out

--- e b bortz

(thailand, korea, israel, minnesota, arizona,
california, cleveland, pittsburgh)

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