Friday, June 10, 2005

chongkasem, surat thani thailand

small fan blowing incense in
from a dead-quiet street
sweet grime thai night
paints a hot mist
our naked breasts
rich brown by birth
red brown by sun
a yellow moonlight breaks the shutters
golden quivering thighs
jeweled black hair loose & scattered
in the cream of white sheets and silence
with the mermaid at songkhla
black coral of lamai
green hills of khao sok
each lip touching
empty tomorrows

you ask me when i'll return and i answer
each heartbeat between us
asks again
what no words can say
we are a soul
ripped in two
in curry and ginger
sweat and frankincense
a tear rolls
between cheekbones
living our moment before dying

--- e b bortz

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