Wednesday, June 15, 2005

earth note 56

summer solstice, west park, northside pittsburgh

each blade of green
every carpenter ant
a universe
an injured brown squirrel
hind leg raw
three legs up a wide arm oak
in sight of allegheny general trauma center
a chopper sets down choking on ground level ozone
an air conditioned lexus gets hot under the collar
spits out a horn that leaves excrement
on the pavement

weather beaten faces down at the flea market
barter glances

what do yinz want for that desk lamp
my niece could use it in the fall
when she goes to night school

a tired old man sleeps under a backpack
near the seventh street bridge
the river whines with jet-skis
brown green water dodges
incoming concrete fragments

merchants talk of floods
next spring

--- e b bortz

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