Wednesday, June 01, 2005

earth note 74

take the politically incorrect
and use it correctly for a change
the fucker really has plundered
the earth
and most living things
just to get laid
how many women really own
those diamond mines in south africa
that's not to say there aren't a good number
that have bought the illusion

sorry for being crude
when do we wake
the little hellbenders that have survived
the chainsaw
dodging the plutocrats and
hiding behind the empty edifice
when will the confused refuse to fight & die?
is there only mill dust in our veins
or can we carry our mothers & fathers
to the river
carve out a new way
up in the hills
in the wild cluster of poplar
squeezing out the black cherry
on their knees
breathing in a new moon's night
for a full moon's

--- e b bortz

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