Monday, June 06, 2005

there are only a few things that keep me feeling

wish there were more
sometimes a broken down car on the side of the road
gets me thinking
hood up...up on blocks...missing wheels
inside gutted
like the assault we all suffer
but don’t know it
people in streets
pushed broken
past dark alleys
sullen daylight
polluted concrete overpasses growing by night
this isn’t the america of the partridge family
this empire is a thousand years late
not that empires are ever legitimate
sojourner would never approve
every clearcut i see from the highway
(most clearcuts are well hidden)
is just another violation of the living

is there really a smooth politician
that can bring us out into the new?
will another hundred-year war do it?
the hundred thousand year pit
social conditioning
is sinking

i see the sun
i’m crawling out

--- e b bortz

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