Wednesday, July 13, 2005

earth note 24

lafayette river, virginia

cormorants puffed in the wind listening
reflect on choppy water
on moorings
at rest in a circle of ruffled bonoparte gulls
like a trance at a seance
a crazy laughing crow loose restless
puts on shades
screams something about freedom at sunrise
canada geese unraveling
ragged on the edges
split the bridge light standards
thumbing their beaks
to the demons

a canoe makes love to the river
tongues a kevlar body
bent shaft paddle cadence
perfect timing and in-tune
upstream bloated sailboats in tight silk sheets
wind-filled & breathless
transcending the bow
a faint spray of sunshine rides the jib
clean sharp rolls

a black and white cat tiptoes near the dock
curved back tension ears erect
wild green eyes fake a gesture
toward the shoreline

a community of ducks huddle in drizzle
northeast clouds gather
sobering refrain

--- e b bortz

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