Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cindy & Katrina...America's Wakeup Call

The hurricane has only begun...
the war-makers and their apologists
have plundered our nation’s human resources
so arrogantly
that the dead of Iraq and Louisiana and Mississippi
will haunt them, hopefully, for the rest of the century.
And now, when we need the helping hands to recover
from global warming super-charged storms and floods,
where are the hands and the shelters
and the generators and the water pumps
and the medical crews?

Cindy and Katrina have bypassed
all of the politicians, pundits, generals...
speaking so plainly that we should all understand it now:
sometimes the tides of nature
and human history align themselves
in such a way that the paradigm of the old order
no longer functions.
Something has become unleashed
that can’t be contained.

It’s a defining moment right now...
those who will push us into the abyss
with more war and neglect and lies,
and those who will stand straight up
and face the new reality with
a new vision.
The choice is ours.

--- e b bortz

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