Sunday, August 11, 2013

earth note 256

a pair of dog & cat coffee mugs
at the flea market
the $1 tag standing out
like a badge of courage
for the many times these cups
have endured
the curiosity of hands
always stroking for a bargain
     & a low ball
& a story behind the story
     who's table did they sit at
how many times
have they put out
from the top of these card tables
     buried behind outgrown
     kid's clothes
     & worn down socket sets

we gladly trade away a backpack
     yanking the $1 tags

--- e b bortz


Claire P. said...

All of your poems are very beautiful.
I can feel your emotions through your writing. This poem especially stood out to me.

-Claire P.

e b bortz said...

thanks very much.