Saturday, September 28, 2013

nothing is irrelevant

1.  my better judgment
slow down
don't rush this
the words need
to germinate on their own
after a while
they have a way
of regrouping
your immediate vision
finding a place
from memory
you never thought
would see the light of day

2.  if you're over 60
& can stand
on one foot
for five minutes
you should probably
try out
for the senior olympics
they'll have to find
a place for you
even if it's
equipment manager

3.  breakfast
is way overrated
unless you religiously
abandon sugar
the secrets
of battle creek michigan
shouldn't be spread around
like the flu

4.  o.k.
this thing has dragged on
long enough
sun's been up for hours
fetch the paddles
point the kayaks north
leave the rubber ducks
in a splash
with the media whores
after all
     all art is inflatable

--- e b bortz

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