Wednesday, November 19, 2014

first draft: life is a sea

conclusions from first contact with key west
& surrounding navigational maps
7305 days ago

you always need a safe harbor
or at least a cluster of mangroves

when coral becomes dead rock
rock becomes a road of trepidation
don't go barefooted

osprey see
far into the future

every pelican has the poise to lead
elect some to congress

from the barracuda
comes tenacity
from the sandpiper

find the patience
of a jellyfish
waiting for a rising tide

waves connect all beings
from the gulf of thailand to the mediterranean
from the source waters of kilimanjaro

a cajun band at the green parrot
was about as close as i got to mardi gras
     and then you danced like it was mardi gras

a sunset shadow
becomes a celebration
of sunrise

every storm seeks an eye
a tear is stronger than a poem

life is a sea
there is no final draft

--- e b bortz

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