Saturday, April 18, 2015

recovering notes from the deep, part 7

it was always cold enough in november
for a flooded cloverdale ice rink
to draw pickup hockey games
on the weekends

young & old found
new & old glory

the boys had a way
of ribbing me
to my limits
like when are you going
to learn
to skate backwards

i never did

by january
the cold
shortened the games
     we transitioned
to cross-country skiing
by then
after the wood pile
was replenished

every blue sky
     and they were deep blue
that lasted through high noon
was a gift

--- e b bortz


At 5:47 PM , Anonymous Neil Bortz said...

love this one dad! i remember well the pick-up games. i can't skate backwards either...

At 7:20 PM , Blogger e b bortz said...

thanks Neil...love to all of yinz.


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