Saturday, October 10, 2015

earth note 367

in between the last flood
and the drought
there was a glimmer
of a bumper crop
     of something
enough to fill
the silos of the one-percent
but not enough to meet
the hunger of four million refugees

there's no dilemma here
and it really doesn't take
a lot of words
     the corn gets picked
     the stalks are cut down
     with the precision
     of opulent machinery
every shareholder looks
like a quiet banker
carefully stepping through
the rows
so as not to jinx
the monday morning stock market

the true cost of food & oil
& the whole carbon family
& their genetically modified cousins
have been relegated
to a future
     someone else
splurge today
hoard tomorrow
repeat as necessary

the crows are at it again
never giving up
a mixed metaphor
squawking through the cemetery
like a sun
bright enough
to make shadows

--- e b bortz

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