Monday, November 23, 2015

earth note 372

hollywood, florida

the moon can't be trivialized
to fractions
like last night's seven/eighths
or maybe it was five/sixths

it was bright enough
to differentiate the recycling
from the rubbish cans
though the puddles in the alley
needed galoshes
     who even uses that word now
     being from pittsburgh
          is enough of a reason

strange times indeed
keeping everyone off-balance
     you can tell by their driving habits
like hydroplaning
& continuous braking
and for every new-old construction site
there's another flashing emergency vehicle
about to be deployed
     you take your life seriously
     as a rear view mirror

is that eighteen wheeler
closer or further than it appears

even a full moon
has its unexpected detractors
what hides in the clouds
can be whimsically left
as a secret

--- e b bortz

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