Friday, December 04, 2015

earth note 378

high tide 4:44 am

you can only shit & eat
in the same place for so long
once the fracking chemicals
start showing up in your veins
you'll know the canaries & pelicans
were right

the one thing the president
failed to mention when he saw
fish swimming in the streets of miami
was that you shouldn't
be eating the fish

the fools in tallahassee have actually said
they want to frack the everglades
yeah      the wetland of all wetlands
regulation is just a code word
for corporate capitulation
     just ban it damn it

of course what use to be lowlands
might be an underwater key tomorrow
when it feels like rain clouds colliding
with high tide
you might want
to sleep in your life jacket
& hazmat suit

the folks who should know better
seem distracted by a hundred other things
even a slogan like
there is no planet B
is too weak too late

looking to the gators to save us

--- e b bortz

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