Monday, January 18, 2016

earth note 386

a cold wind
subtly separates
verdana from tahoma
every once in a while
you wonder if that's
all there is to it
you're still looking out
for the joshua tree
but realize you're off by
a couple thousand miles
     the gulf won't take you there
     the sun will wane before your eyes
     the broken road still leaves
     a bad taste

so you'll wait for a better day
to open your hand
and release every gnawing question
even a fist can be clenched too long
fingers forget how to point
'til the soil with its own clock
and heartbeat
remembers forsythia
will break out in the spring
to be
     and if there's a renewal gifted
     the ground will shake
     and transform
     to a season unexpected

--- e b bortz

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