Friday, March 04, 2016


swaying side-to-side
over brighton place
we decided not
to take it
and get a few extra
games of pin-ball
down on federal street
walking instead
to downtown

i hated the slick look
of shark-skin pants
but wore them anyways
'cause the mouse said
it was cool
& i was new in the neighborhood
from out in the butler county sticks
& it went along with my
trenchcoat (collar up)
pall-mall on my lips
one of those fedora-type hats
so you could pretty much call me
a wanna-be

about the time we got
to the poolroom
on the second floor
fifth avenue downtown pittsburgh
it was looking cold gray outside
and i said
we should save enough
for the streetcar
back to the north side
and mouse agreed
but only after he
ran the table on me
a couple times

--- e b bortz

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