Saturday, April 30, 2016

you say you wanna wear your rustbelt for celibacy

to keep yourself working & out of trouble
like an ancient chastity belt
but of non-rusting new age materials
like aluminum or polymer
(be sure & wear your hazmat suit)

rust & pleasure
are incompatible
they'll have to go their separate ways first
& get ready for
the old world of the new world economy
low wages and big promises
mountains of student debt
uniforms with your name & biodata
stitched on your breast
inside a smiley face

if that doesn't necessarily
strike you as a life's endeavor
don't be afraid to chuck it all
get your bearings
tune-up that instrument
write those poems
rewrite that novel
take it to the streets
sometimes the grass is greener
     a million drums can't be wrong

--- e b bortz

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