Tuesday, May 31, 2016

earth note 407

not sure if it's superstition
or truly an alignment
of the planets
when a weed wacker
suddenly stalls in the shade
finally quiets
& lifts away its smoky fossil facade
before taking to the highway
on the back of a flatbed trailer
just as the sun goes setting

it might not seem like much
out of the ordinary
ask an astronomer
if we're heading into
some great unknown
celestial sphere

friends are dropping
all their routines
and setting out
into the unknown
or at least little known
away from the concrete sandbox
all its trappings
engineered road detours
mall constructions
gladiator games
of chance

if someone tries to sell you
another gadget
to alert you to the upcoming
wifi alerts just over the hill
tell them you're cool
and to stop texting you
about the greatest weed wacker
within or beyond
this universe
     'cause you're a hitchhiker
     and you travel light

--- e b bortz

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