Sunday, September 11, 2016

earth note 424

key west

on the atlantic side
there's an irregular juxtaposition
most notable
between food trucks
heavy in frying
and the expensive hotels
just across the avenue

the ocean
is the common denominator
settling all disputes
as the tide speaks
you will put away
territorial notions
and just listen

once in a while
a group stuffed
in a convertible
will pull up
onto the beachside sidewalk
for photos
and showing off bodies

we're living through
ego mania like it's
a new survival technique
there's no use complaining
i can't rationalize it
'cause i'm part
of the problem

the city streets
are packed
with once-a-year bicycles
i wear my eco stickers
on my bicycle top tube
and believe i'm doing
my part

yes aleppo
that city in syria
is being bombed again
refugees flood toward
the ocean
connecting us all

--- e b bortz

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