Saturday, September 10, 2016

sad times indeed

my dad would often say
be the optimist
find the positive
within the negative

i've tried dad

fifteen years out
and the planet
is afire
worse than
my dark imagination

water wells
are not running
oil & gas wells
have pushed everything else
to the edge
an abyss
in the making

poverty is the
sole identifying
for what was once
called life

so many wars
the protagonists
haven't even named
them all

the democrat apparatchiks
still blame ralph nader
for speaking truth

the summer of love
is only a rerun
the creatives now
are all in it for the money

trees are afflicted
throwing up their offspring
leaves going directly
from green to dead

a particulate mask
is the new fashion
madison avenue

leaving only
a throat
as a voice
as a statement
as a rant
as a blank sign
to be filled in
as quick as possible

--- e b bortz

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