Thursday, February 16, 2017

earth note 453

big torch key

the road makes
another right angle
north this time
and then a right angle left
west this time
a strange rodent with long legs
runs in parallel

there's nothing confusing
about any of this
as long as your compass
is the sun

a couple more houses
have moved in
grabbing onto the grid
the guy who's off the grid
in his trailer
still looks out the window
as you pass
he prides himself
on being the last human
at the end of the key

the jersey barriers
meet the end of the asphalt
you can hoof it from here

the mangroves put their feet
deep into the salt
and freshwater
the muck is dense and dark
wherever there's a shoreline

(we still remember sinking to our shins
off no-name key
before the tourists got up
& took over every put-in)

do you really care about any of this
on the rise toward high tide again
a watery burial is just a low-lying landfill
there is no covering your ass
in bureaucratic dossiers
a file of unintelligible gibberish
leaving the next generation with no life raft
     might just be a counterfeit treasury bond
and all that that represents
the core wet & rotting
an endless full moon

this isn't the sound of hyperbole
maybe just
beached pilot whales
who've gone silent

--- e b bortz

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