Sunday, June 25, 2017

earth note 495

there's a loneliness
and comfort
in every two-lane going west
towns you've never been to
but will now remember
without pretense
or claims of fame

if you need a narrative
let the land speak for itself
most of us don't really understand
anything beyond the present frame
a book or a map
can only take you so far
after that
all we have is the soil
to hold us

if you're looking for a thunderstorm
or other drama
it probably won't happen
when you expect it
there's little to believe
in the evening news

you may grab for a deeper understanding
of the cosmos
or yourself
but first
learn the language

--- e b bortz


Ellen Taylor said...

Very true. Sometimes we forget "to stop and smell the roses". Thanks for the reminder. Ellen

e b bortz said...

thanks Ellen.