Saturday, June 10, 2017

recovering notes from the deep, part 10

leaving pittsburgh
on july 4th 1976
was a combination of a subject
and a verb

it took determination and time
to move out
electrician tools stowed
behind the bench seat
of a candy-apple red pickup truck
the summer heat already oppressive
     sulfur dioxide haze and fireworks
have nothing to do with patriotism

the road to minnesota
through the great northwoods
could shake your mind loose
if you'd let it

so we ended up with
a pile of rocks in the middle
of a worked-out hay field
and a spread of wet lowlands
that seemed to open
your arms to cattails
and migrating geese

cutting ten cord of wood
made the summer
go fast
feeding the furnace
about eight months
of the year

there was nothing like
an outdoor sauna
in below zero
purging your pores
like fire and brimstone

on my way to the taconite plant
a grey wolf crossed the service road
eyes and nose straight ahead
mouth slightly open breathing
running for the deeper quiet
     we all seek

a snowshoe rabbit
blends in for most of the winter
sometimes you can get close enough
to see their nose twitch
their fur sway
with the wind

--- e b bortz

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