Tuesday, June 27, 2017

recovering notes from the deep, part 12

june 1966

on that last official day
of high school
i didn't realize
it would be
a graduation of sorts
out of childhood
since i thought
i had passed that milestone
the pennsylvania turnpike to nyc
or the ohio turnpike to chicago
or the backroads
through tyrone on the way
to state college

at some point
i had a guitar
strapped on
and a denim shirt
missing buttons

there were low-wage jobs
and crash pads that
thrust me in the direction
of growing up
     not sure what that meant
     or even what it means now

i was always in favor of wearing beliefs
whenever they landed
not running from them
     accepting them like a kind of destiny
     with family roots or no roots

the summer blew past me
toward the fall-winter fur coat retrieval
warehouse job
earning enough before
seasonal layoff
to find a ride to california

by late winter
the money ran out
and some were wondering
when or if i was coming back

to a pittsburgh daytime
looking so dark

--- e b bortz


Brian - Sidney's Great Nephew said...

Great work. Thank you Uncle Ed.

e b bortz said...

thanks Brian.