Wednesday, May 11, 2005

america who do we have a blood pact with?

april 2003

protesters fall in fallujah mosul baghdad
is it still a majority of americans
who smirk that rebel yell?
17 dead 10 dead a hundred wounded
white house challenge
how many in congress & the media
even give a shit?
(the best complicity money can buy)

on september 11th as we were all crowded around
the televisions in the office...not long after the second plane
hit the world trade center...a co-worker i previously had some
respect for...said we needed to nuke somebody...burn them all...
he said it prompting
his own pain? twisted sense of making someone

humans are slaves to vengeance
hate admitting they are wrong
able to waste

do we refuse to end it here?
your pulse slipping out the door?
love nonviolence self-reflection
antidote sanity potion
non-compliant patriots
look up from the bottom of the well
sing your praise
to the sky

--- e b bortz

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