Friday, May 06, 2005

bowing down to the almighty carbon dollar

(or how we live in the greenhouse glasshouse)

walking through the monongahela parking wharf
the other day
we spot some spanish pesetas
which must be a sign
that it really doesn't matter how much
or what kind of money you throw to the carbon gods
they just keep regenerating themselves
dying to support our habit
grinding up all the plant and animal matter
under a mother earth cradle
leading those tri-spectacled geologists
with their instruments to the holy grail
path of discovery
and with a sweeping hand
the oil and coal spring to our dinner tables
we eat dumb and indebted to the carbon martyrs
who gave (and give) their lives for our standard
some call living

take those suvs right up to the drive-thru drugstore
(where the old hardware store used to be)
and tell them you need a strong drug
that keeps you wound
and angry
for that daily (new jersey style)
(ain't no freeway)

--- e b bortz

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