Friday, May 13, 2005

earth note 40

on reading adam brodsky's no body
in cedarvale park toronto

there's a secret in my ear
pulling it out
it speaks
sunshine volumes green rye grass
sienna indian
peacock turban
another blue turban
cocker spaniels and petunias
a violet wide-brimmed hat
over pink tennis shoes
all three feet head to toe
some stray seagulls off lake ontario labor day shopping
join the upward mobile bohemians

maple leaves sucking in their body fluid still intact
sycamore giving up their dead in a flash of yellow
a crow screams above a father's patience
wheels without training wheels unleash the sod
bicycles scatter in-path sparrows
animated black & white 60ish women walk hand in hand
teaching seas
of justice
silver and turquoise subliminal messages
bounce off sandra's ear
a crutch falls
a tear dries

--- e b bortz

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