Sunday, May 01, 2005

oil slick willy-saddam-george w-multinational-cartel-sortie

sand can burn and turn to glass
when ignited with phosphorus
the sandboxes of iraq are a sea of glass
and we ask what dylan asked

is your money that good
will it buy you forgiveness?

has your ego become so twisted
that you need a whipping boy to unravel
or has it simply been the black gold cock-of-dependence
you drink
we ask no questions
mega-mall drive-thru banks and drugstores
is that what this is all about?

fuck-off saudi-aramco-shell (royally) chevron-texaco
in their private boardrooms
of cigars and cocks
save your lies
your deeds are marked in the sandboxes of children
burning flesh in their agonies
the cradle of civilization (we're doing a lousy job)
in its
river of life

--- e b bortz

(published in Long March of Cleveland, Green Panda Press, 2002)

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