Tuesday, May 03, 2005

zen hebrew agnostic apolitical blues

almost everyone except the poets and outcasts
seem to have their dogmas and slogans
down real tight
beliefs all stuck in a cyberbox or bible
misplaced on a pedestal or altar
served up on a platform
reborn revered regurgitated

dollar soaked media assault weapons
diatribes commercial infocides
exercise-equipped beer and pain reliever
enemas in your face
long live the mute button

ostentatious politicians stone smiling faces
fall apart when you look below the clay
not one live cell
their words refuse to even gurgle
going down the drain
long live the non-candidates ferlinghetti and ralph nader
i'm all ears

down by the river a maccabee rapper
stands knee-deep in an oil slick
ducks and pigeons halfway listening
swarming at the last bread pieces
boarded-up brick row houses
perched in the bleachers
the stadium erupts
when the word love is spoken

--- e b bortz

(published in The Exchange, #5, 1997)

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